Social Responsibility

Founder and returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Eric Harrison, set out to develop a new type of company called Eco Cafe that would turn the coffee industry upside down.

Instead of processing, roasting, and bagging coffee in the United States, Eco Cafe is creating a sustainable economy for local coffee growers by having these value added steps done in the local community. Through Eco Cafe, the coffee communities are now involved every step of the way - growing, picking, processing, roasting the beans using local traditions, bagging, boxing and shipping a complete product. By doing this, Eco Cafe has created higher end jobs and lasting changes to local coffee communities. Eco Cafe is fostering sustainable communities in the poorest countries in Central America. Other coffee companies claim fare trade and sustainability for the coffee farmers, but Eco Cafe has one thing to say to them, “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”.

Eco Cafe’s founder didn’t just stop, because he owns another business, he decided to volunteer his time at Eco Cafe so he could donate 100% of profits back to coffee communities to build infrastructure projects such as water systems, schools, and health centers. Did we say 100%??? Yep 100% of Eco Cafe’s profits are donated back in order to improve living conditions in developing countries. To learn more