Our Biz Model

After living in the western mountains of Honduras for two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Eco Café’s founder Eric Harrison wanted to do more to help the local people of Honduras. He wanted a sustainable project that could help provide for better education, health, and clean water systems. He thought to himself, “why can’t a coffee company improve the living conditions of the poor farmers they are profiting from?” Thus the creation of Eco Café. He decided it was time to define a new meaning to giving back. Eric started by changing the norm. Instead of processing, roasting, and bagging coffee in the United States, he decided to create a sustainable economy for local coffee growers by having these value added steps done in the local community. Through Eco Cafe, the coffee communities are now involved every step of the way - growing, picking, processing, roasting the beans using local traditions, bagging, boxing and shipping a complete product. By doing this, Eco Cafe has created higher end jobs and lasting changes to local coffee communities.

Eric didn't want to stop there, he decided to have 100% of Eco Café’s profits donated to a non-profit organization dedicated to improving water and sanitation systems and health projects in third world countries. Therefore, every bag of Eco Coffee you buy is helping to improve the lives of the world’s poorest citizens.