Who We Are

Eco Cafe is a social enterprise designed to benefit small organic coffee farmers. It includes: The highest quality organic coffee beans, ethical business practices fair trade, and donations to help local coffee communities. What sets us apart from other Coffee companies is that the trees, farms, and lands are all owned by small local farmers. No agro farms, no corporate farms, no large rich land owner using child labor.

Our Coffee

Eco Cafe is a deliciously smooth full bodied specialty coffee that uses only 100% certified organic, fair trade, single origin, high altitude and shade grown coffee. Our coffee uses only the highest quality hand selected organic coffee beans from high altitude shade and mountain grown coffee trees. We then roast the beans in small controlled batches to obtain what founder.

What We Do

Instead of processing, roasting, and bagging coffee in the United States, Eco Cafe is creating a sustainable economy for local coffee growers by having these value added steps done in the local community. Through Eco Cafe, the coffee communities are now involved every step of the way - growing, picking, processing, roasting the beans using local traditions, bagging, boxing and shipping a complete product.

The Coffee Industry

For a three dollar cup of coffee a farmer earns 3 cents. Eco Cafe is trying to change the coffee industry from the inside out. With a grassroots level support we are doing things right by paying above market prices directly to small local farmers. No middle men, no large corporation reaping huge profits. Just good people doing great things.
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Latest News

Eco Cafe is working with Water And Sanitation Health to bring clean water to people in Central America.